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Please show up 15 minutes before your class begins. Your bike will be given away at the beginning of class start time if you do not show. If you do not call, we will release your bike at the class start time. NEW RIDERS must show up a minimum of 15 minutes prior to class start time. This is for your safety and in consideration of the other riders in class as well as staff needs to set you up on your bike. Any cancellation to your reservation must be made 12 hours in advance in order to avoid a cancellation fee. If you do not cancel within the 12 hour mark, you forfeit a class in your current package. Any riders with an Unlimited package, will be charged a $10 fee for late cancellation or no shows. Any class with less than 2 participants signed up for class within 2-hours of class time, we reserve the right to cancel that class. In the event that class is cancelled due to inclement weather or the instructor becomes incapacitated, you will be notified by phone and/or email and credited for that class.

When classes are full, you can sign up to be on the wait list. Frequently, clients will sign out early from classes, making room for those on the wait list. When a spot becomes available prior to class, you will receive an automatic email, letting you know you have been bumped into class and are no longer on the wait list. If you are added into class, you will be held to the same cancellation policy as any other class you sign up for.
In case a spot opens up within one hour of class time, you will be notified by phone that you have been added to class from the wait list. Please make sure your phone number and email are up to date on your account, so we can easily contact you.
When signing up for the wait list, please be prepared for class and ready to attend in the event that you are bumped into class. If you are not sure you will be able to make it with short notice, please remove yourself from the wait list to avoid being charged for class in case you are added in. If no spots become available, your MindBody account will not be charged for that unused class.

Once auto pay is set up, canceling must be done in a formal email, phone call (with an employee) or you must come in to do so in person. Leaving a message on our phone will not be sufficient cancellation. Note: if there is a commitment time frame included in your membership type, you are responsible for fulfilling that commitment.

All sales are final. All packages are non-refundable and non transferable. Before purchasing a class package, make sure you are aware of the expiration date and terms of use. In special situations, class pack expiration may be extended, however, promotional packages or specials are not eligible for extension.

• Classes must be purchased in full before start of class
• Shoes are available to rent for $2 per class
• Water is available for purchase for $2
• All merchandise is none-refundable

Phones are not allowed in the studio. Phones should be turned to silent in lobby. If you are “on call” or need to be reached by phone at all times please let the front desk know so that we can accommodate you.

• Please respect your instructors and fellow students by not disrupting class with phone conversations, taking photos or video or obnoxious behavior
• We do not tolerate bullying or disrespecting of other students and their personal space. Such behavior will result of removal from the studio and you will be banned from taking classes at MobCycle
• If you must leave early please sit near the door so that you don’t disrupt class when you leave.